Scene IV: The Morning After

It was a calm, rainy morning in the Stuttgart Industrial District.

Most people out on the street moved slowly under a canopy made from a mix of old fashioned umbrellas and the newer, translucent force fields designed to replace them. People rushed this way or that, carelessly avoiding one another out of habit and practice on their way to do whatever it was that was so important to them.

Scene III: Proposal

It took about 45 minutes for the officers to finish up inside.

Once they’d been convinced Karia had not been the culprit in this caper, they were very quick to clear the room of all bystanders. Police investigation, everything was under control. They’d be by to take their statements shortly, after they’d finished up… “Please wait outside.”

Scene II: Karia and Mali

Brightly colored lights danced alongside the throng which had gathered in this inner city basement.

Repetitive bass and melodic lines wove in and out around the ever present and ever quickened beat of the kick drums, only punctuated by the occasional break for a callback to more traditional, possibly spiritual music. Incomprehensible bits of speech echoed over-top, battling with the equally incomprehensible rumble of conversation which rose from the crowd.