Scenes in Order of Ease

As of the time of this writing, I have completed 6 scenes in Project Pygmalion.

5 of those, the first five, were (more-or-less) from the original outline I prepared in Scene by Scene. The sixth was mostly expositional setup for what would have been the sevent scene, since as I was writing the 5th scene became superfluous.

I therefore have a minimum of 18 scenes left before I can consider the story told. Instead of writing it in one go, I decided a bit ago that I’d try my best to write the easiest scenes first, and then the harder ones. I would, in editing, add or remove details as necessary to make the story flow better… But it’s important that the story is actually finished.

Anyway, here is a (semi-accurate) list of the remaining scenes, in what I consider a (semi-accurate) list from easiest to hardest.

  1. X. The Gear
  2. XIV. What’s That Voice?
  3. XVI. Healing the Voice.
  4. XX. Suiting Up
  5. XVIII. Emergency Explanation Exposition
  6. XXIV. Reunion
  7. XVII. Tournament Opening
  8. XIII. Practice
  9. XV. Pre-Show Nerves
  10. XXII. Aftermath
  11. XX. Death Becomes Her
  12. XXIII. Spark of Life
  13. XIX. Last Chance
  14. XXI. The Crucial Moment
  15. XI. Memorial
  16. IX. Negotiation
  17. VIII. Chewing it Over
  18. VII. Finding the Dress

If, as I am writing (or editing!) I decide that one of the above scenes doesn’t work… Or that we need another scene for some reason… Or that, gee, this scene isn’t coming together as easily as I thought it would… I plan on changing this list. But at least we know the way forward now, right?