Scenes in Order of Ease

As of the time of this writing, I have completed 6 scenes in Project Pygmalion.

5 of those, the first five, were (more-or-less) from the original outline I prepared in Scene by Scene. The sixth was mostly expositional setup for what would have been the sevent scene, since as I was writing the 5th scene became superfluous.

Scene VI: Working Out

Back in the fifth floor apartment of the Tower of Cell 5, Mali Lian fluffed out a new set of sheets, preparing to re-clothe their now naked bed.

It had been about an hour since Karia had left. The message she’d sent was still up in front of Mali’s face… The sight of it seemed to

Scene V: The Red Deal

They need to be athletic, both to convince them onto the field, and to ensure that they are worth the risk for the client.

The Junkyard, a small-to-medium pawn (and found item) shop on the outskirts of Cell 5, had opened early this morning. Its bleary eyed host, his face contorted into the grimace of retail work, was broadcasting the sale of the year onto all channels and venues. Most items were discounted in some way, and the savings only got higher as You spent more money. And it was all straight from the promising mouth of Isaac.